Fabriqué par Mars

Depuis des générations, vous, ainsi que vos compagnons à quatre pattes, appréciez nos marques, nos produits et nos services. Nos associés ne cessent d'améliorer ce que vous aimez tant pour offrir :

A Better World for Pets

Des douceurs qui donnent le sourire

Better Food Today. A Better World Tomorrow.

Mieux vivre grâce à une nutrition de qualité

Nous avançons vers le monde que nous voulons voir demain en nous efforçant d'accomplir nos objectifs aujourd’hui.

A Better World for Pets™

Mars Petcare

Today we have more than 85,000 Associates who proudly take care of half of the world's pets through our nutrition, health and services businesses. Our Associates are working toward our Purpose: A Better World for Pets™. Our 50+ global brands include PEDIGREE®, Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition, WHISKAS®, ROYAL CANIN®, AniCura, WISDOM PANEL™ and VCA™. 

Made by Mars - Confectionery 2

Better Moments Make the World Smile

Mars Wrigley

Our world is a better place when it’s full of smiles. For more than 100 years, we’ve been making better moments through our much-loved treats and snacks like M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, ORBIT® and SKITTLES®. That’s what makes us excited to come to work every day: the chance to make our iconic products even better, share them with even more people, and bring even more smiles to the world. 

Food for Views Display

Better Food Today. A Better World Tomorrow.

Mars Food

Mealtimes nourish our bodies and our families, and we know that food can do so much more. Our ambition is to use better food today to create a better world tomorrow. Our brands like UNCLE BEN’S®, Dolmio® and Seeds of Change™ can and should positively impact people and the planet. We’re actively working today to deliver one billion healthy meals to the world’s dinner tables by 2021. 

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Better Lives Through Nutrition

Mars Edge

We exist to improve human health through targeted nutrition.

With the latest science, data and technology at our fingertips, we help to close the nutritional gaps faced by four billion people around the globe.

Our products and services fit seamlessly into everyday lives: whether they are for wider groups of people with shared nutritional and health needs (delivered by brands such as COCOAVIA™ and GOMO™), or tailored for individuals via our new Personalized Nutrition business.