World Kindness Day
A Better Tomorrow Starts Today: Celebrating World Kindness Day at Mars Canada
There’s always time for kindness—and there’s never been a better time to be kind to people, pets, and our planet.

At Mars, we believe the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. Every day, our Associates are working to create better moments that make people smile; to make a better world for pets; and to provide better food today for a better world tomorrow.

We know Canadians expect businesses to play a big and growing role in supporting people and protecting the planet. That’s why we’re working towards a future where everyone is thriving, society is inclusive, and the planet is healthy.

Today is World Kindness Day—a global moment celebrating the importance of being kind and the restorative power of compassion. Mars Canada is marking this day by focusing on all the ways in which an act kindness, no matter how small and no matter who does it, can have a big impact.

Creating a kinder Canada, together

From the pandemic and increased polarization to food insecurity, inequality, and climate change, 2021 has been yet another challenging year. But according to research conducted by Mars Canada, Canadians have a positive outlook on our collective future—and that’s reason enough for optimism!

Across Canada, there’s a widespread belief that despite the day-to-day pressures we’re all facing, it’s still important to find ways of being kind to people, pets, and our planet. Of the 1500 Canadians surveyed, 84% of Canadians agree that it’s important for us all to be kinder to the planet—and they’re walking the talk. 69% say they make a conscious effort to be kind, while 46% report having been kind to someone outside their household within the last week.

Pride in playing our part

We know that Canadians want and expect more from the companies they do business with. 83% believe every large company operating in Canada should be giving back to communities, and 75% agree that companies operating in Canada must make environmental sustainability a priority.

Across our business segments - Mars Food, Mars Wrigley, Mars Pet Nutrition, and Royal Canin - we are committed to the role we have in making a positive impact on our communities. This includes championing inclusivity, sustainability, and wellbeing for the customers and consumers we serve and all the Associates we employ.

We’re doing this by:

  • Elevating women’s voices in our #HeretobeHeard global listening study;
  • Ending pet homelessness in Canada;
  • Ensuring more people have access to healthy, easy and affordable meals that bring the world to the dinner table;
  • Committing to the first certified carbon neutral chocolate bar (the Mars Bar) by a top confectionery company in Canada by 2023, part of its global commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050;
  • Implementing a Sustainable in a Generation Plan to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable world; and
  • Supporting programs like the Mars Volunteer Program and Mars Ambassador Program, which offer Associates time off to give back to causes close to their hearts.

So this year on World Kindness Day, we want to take a moment to celebrate our Associates and their passion for giving back, and encourage all Canadians to extend acts of kindness to the world, no mater how big or small, wherever they go.

From everyone at Mars Canada: Happy World Kindness Day.